Tuesday, September 28, 2010

People to See

Visiting people is one of the many joys of this year. We've just completed our NC/SC trip and we've seen a BUNCH of family and friends.

I don't have pictures of everyone, but here is who we've seen...

After Grandma and Grandpa's house we had a short and sweet little meeting at Bojangles with Dane's great Uncle Earl and his caregiver. His wife, Aunt Marie, died just a few months ago and although he seems in good spirits he said that the loss of his wife has been the hardest experience of his life. (no picture)

After we visited Charleston we stopped in Myrtle Beach to see Cousin Daniel and Renee and their new baby Jack. If you've been following our post the whole time, you will notice a pregnant Renee in our earlier pictures! Renee relinquished Baby Jack into my arms as soon as we stepped through the door, and I gladly accepted the bundle of joy!

We then headed for Florence, SC, where we had supper with my old landlords, Jimmy and Tina. My friend Leah and I rented a little house out in the country from them while I was in college and they lived right next door. They were much more than landlords to us, they were also spiritual mentors and encouragers too. I have so many special memories from that time. I was happy for Dane to meet them. (no picture)

Next came Hartsville, SC to visit the aforementioned Leah and her husband Kevin and little boy Jackson. Her parents Doug and Patty also live in Hartsville and we slept at their house. Hartsville is a charming little town that has held on to its character and both families live in beautiful old houses (not without their problems as Leah would be quick to point out!) Jackson was just a baby when I saw him last time and he is now a very smart 3 year old. Just an example...He recognized a picture of Ronald Reagan while looking through a book. How many 3 year olds can do that?

Dane and Jackson having some roller-racer fun

If you look closely you can see Dane and me on the end of Doug and Patty's looooong front porch

After a short stop in Charleston where an attempt to see an old friend failed (my poor planning) we drove to Greenville, SC to see Sam, Natalie and their baby Jack (does anyone notice a Jack trend here) Dane worked with Natalie in Russia where they both taught school. Dane also first met Sam in Russia while he was visiting Natalie. They have the gift of hospitality and we had a fun time, good food and good conversations.

Dane especially (and me too) really enjoyed downtown Greenville. This is one of their parks

I would recommend the Mice on Main mouse hunt for anyone visiting downtown Greenville

We found seven of the nine

While in Greenville we also visited a long time friend of Dane's family, Bob and his new wife Katherine. They've only been married a few months and it seems to suit them well. Bob has been transformed from a frozen food eating bachelor to a happy healthy veggie eating husband!
(no picture)

After climbing a mountain in northern SC, we headed even further into the mountains to visit Beth and Bryce and their boys, Eli and Sam in Robbinsville, NC. I worked with Beth in Nashville and they were also our fellow parishioners and neighbors. They literally live on the top of a little mountain. Our truck couldn't make it up their driveway the first time. Bryce works in a clinic there and Beth takes care of the boys. They were getting ready for Eli's 2 year birthday party while we were there.

The view from our bedroom window at Beth and Bryce's. The picture doesn't do it justice!

We left Beth and Bryce's house only to face more mountains and hundreds of bikers on the legendary Tail of the Dragon road. Notice the curvy road sign and the bunch or bikers up the road. Dane got a little too excited and thought he was racing there for a while. I had to slow him down!

Sorry for the long post. I told you we saw a lot of people. And that's not all! I'll post more later. I'm posted out!

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  1. This is [almost] exactly where we vacationed! We went a little ways into the Cherohala Skyway, mostly populated by bikers! So beautiful... gosh.

    Thanks for giving us a snapshot of the many friends and Family who have filled your years.