Monday, January 26, 2015

Elise is 3

Last week we celebrated Elise's 3rd birthday.  We had many of the special people in Elise's life over for a Pancake Birthday Party.  We always eat pancakes on Sunday nights at our house and it is Elise's favorite meal.  We have bunch of toppings to use and she always gets to pick her toppings.  Her favorite is honey and cinnamon.  So she heartily agreed to a Pancake Party.  No cake (lazy Mama), but we did have her favorite...chocolate ice cream for dessert.  Here are some photos of Elise from the past year.  They aren't in any particular order except that the first one is from her birthday party last year and the last one is the most recent picture that I've taken of her.

Elise is full of life!  She loves people.  She loves to make people laugh.  She has a good sense of humor.  She made up her first joke* the other day.  She likes talking in weird voices and accents.  she has her own sense of style...which is kind of crazy.  She loves to draw and play.  She loves to look beautiful.  She loves to dress up like a princess.  She loves playing outside.  She loves her little brother and is so sweet with him.  She loves to help in the kitchen.  She loves to taste test.  She loves to swim and be in the water.  She loves books and reading.  She has a huge imagination.  She has 3 notable imaginary friends, Sud, Mud, and Howan.  And so much more.  We love our little Elise!

*What did the baby wolf say when his Mommy was combing out his tangles?   Ow, Ow, OOOOOOOOWWW!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lillian and Elise

I love these two little cousins.  They are both quite feisty, which can make their time together...lively.

Mud Masks!

Baking a cake for Epiphany!