Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Can you guess what is shown in this picture?
Answer in next blog post

We've been living the rural life for a couple of weeks now. Feedin' the animals, Pickin' the okra, mowin' the field of a yard, ridin' the 4-wheeler, goin' out in the boat, pullin' off the ticks and so much more.

Feedin' time

Hello goat

Dig a hole!

Look at them muscles!

work is over...

When we're in Nashville, we're so close to a lot of people we know and love and want to see, that it's hard to fit everything in and it often feels very busy. This is not so in Blounts Creek at my (Michelle) parents' house. It is gloriously non-busy. We work, we eat, we visit, we play games, we sleep, we enjoy the little things.

Last Saturday Dane and I made our first ever visit to the Outer Banks. Dane's second cousin Veda has a bed and breakfast there with her husband Bill, and we dropped in unannounced just to say "hi." Running a B&B means work on the weekend, so we weren't expecting them to have time to visit for long. But fortunately they weren't very busy that day (or so they said) and we spent several hours visiting, talking and getting to know them better.

Just a short walk to the beach

We think Ole' Blue (our truck) is fixed, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Dad and Dane.

We're really thankful for the friends and family that we are getting to visit. We've been welcomed with so much hospitality from everyone. We enjoy and value getting to experience bits and pieces of life with so many people that we love.

Well, we've got to go prepare for hurricane Earl!

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