Saturday, June 10, 2017

Elise's First Story

Elise sat down a couple of weeks ago and decided to write a story.  She just kept writing.  She would occasionally bring it to me to read.  When I would read it out loud, she would get so excited.  I made me realize that I take for granted how magical reading and writing are.  She came up with a story in her head, wrote it down on paper, and now it's coming out of someone else's mouth.  It's quite wonderful when you think about it.

Here is the transcribed story:

Once upon a time Elise was walking down a road and she went to a pond.  And her brother, Jus, came along and he played with her.  And they heard something.  It was a bunny rabbit and a fox chasing each other.  And a giant came and he said, "I'm going to eat you after I get your bones out."  And so they ran for their lives.  "Come here right now," said the giant.  But they kept running and running.  And so they stopped for a rest.  And the giant did not know where they went.

The End

I'm a proud parent:)  She learned so much this year.  Much of it was self-motivated learning.  It's really amazing to see how their minds learn things.

She also learned a lot in her Pre-K class this year.  She went two days a week.  I'm thankful for that easy transition into her school days for all of us.  Next year it will be kindergarten 5 long days a week.  She'll be in a dual language program, learning Spanish.  Here is a picture with her class from this past school year and one with her teacher.

And I leave you with a picture of some beautiful hydrangeas.  Stolen from the yard of a house with a caved in roof.