Friday, February 21, 2014

Eggs and a Possum

One of the many things in life that I love is a double yolked egg.  I think it may be linked with some nostalgic feelings from childhood.  Growing up, we often had our own chickens or else got our eggs from someone who raised their own.  It was always exciting to find a double yolked egg.  I'm proud to announce that our chickens laid their first double yolked egg this past week.  I was making supper and separating the egg white and yolk and found this inside the shell.  I was thrilled:)  I hope it's not an indication of surprise twins!

Elise and I also found a surprise in our side yard in broad daylight.  It was Elise's first time to see a possum.  She kept calling it "a pasta".  She enjoyed getting to tell her daddy about it when he got home from work.

Hopefully there will be a birth announcement on here soon.  I'm have contractions more frequently throughout the day, so I'm thinking it will be soon!