Monday, September 24, 2012

Elise Trying New Foods


Do I have something hanging out of my mouth?

 Okra slimy

Monday, September 17, 2012

8 Months

First, the BIG news.  Elise started crawling on the exact day she turned 8 months old...Friday, September 14th.  She had been really close and then just decided to take off on her own!

 Elise is one of our great joys in life right now.  I think she is for a lot of people.  There's a 90 year old lady at church that would love for us to come visit everyday.  She says that Elise is her adopted grand-daughter.  I think she could technically be her adopted great-great-grand-daughter!

You're going to think I'm an awful mother, but she fell off the bed a couple of weeks ago.  She was surrounded with pillows to prevent just that kind of thing from happening, but she climbed over those pillows in less than a minute and ended up on the floor.  Thank goodness, there were no injuries, just some tears for a couple of minutes.

Patiently waiting for her bath to be drawn
This past month firsts:  trip to the zoo, feeding herself finger foods, drinking out of a sippy cup, trying many new foods (that aren't to sugary or salty - that's 'cause of Mommy) and has liked most of them, sat up in her crib to play when she woke up, taking steps when someone is holding her hands

She's playing more in the bathtub, picking out specific toys and playing with them, kicking her feet really fast when she's sitting down, waving her arms like a bird when she gets excited, still smiling at mostly everyone (some strangers scare her), and she's just constantly taking it all in and learning.  Sweet Elise!

Lovin' on the last two watermelon's from the garden

Working on her crawling skills