Monday, August 8, 2011

He got it!

Dane is now a physics and engineering teacher at MLK magnet high school in Nashville!!!!!

God worked this out and we're so, so thankful.

One fun fact is that he will be teaching at the same building where my mom went to high school.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Journey Continues

I (Michelle) have decided to continue to blog. Maybe I can occasionally get Dane to post something on here since he's such a good writer. But I'd like to keep you updated on our lives, especially those of you that we don't get to talk to very much.

Probably the first and foremost news in our lives is another baby on the way. We've made it to almost 19 weeks and are very thankful! We are meeting with a team of two midwives who are going to be delivering our baby hopefully at home. It's been a fun adventure so far. First trimester brought a bit of queasiness, but if I ate food every three hours around the clock I was able to stave that off pretty well. The second trimester has been surprisingly uneventful besides the growing that I'm doing, and I think some movement is being felt, but this being the first pregnancy this far along, I'm not completely sure.

We're in Nashville, back in our old house. As Dane puts it, there is never a dull moment in our neighborhood. We have quite the eclectic mix of neighbors. I'm working at Siloam again and really loving being back. I work with some wonderful people who really love Jesus and who I'm learning from all the time. Dane has a job interview tomorrow which we are really praying about. We'd appreciate anyone and everyone's prayers for this job too. He's been keeping busy with some construction at the house (I'll include some pictures below) after we had a small fire in our garage (the day after we moved back in!), as well as studying for an architecture exam, working on his website, and starting to write another book. We'll let you know how the interview went.