Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Blueberry Picking

We went last week too and Elise was my champion picker while Justus was my champion eater.  Today they both were carrying around empty buckets but had full bellies.  This farm encourages eating as you pick.  We all like that philosophy.  We had a rough car ride there and back, but the blueberry picking was great!

Monday, June 20, 2016

2 Month Old Naomi

This girl lives up to her name.  Naomi means pleasant.  She smiles all the time and is "talking" with coos and little meows.  She hasn't really laughed yet, but she does something akin to a laugh with her mouth wide open making a little cough noise.  She likes being held which I don't mind a bit.  She sleeps a lot.  She is already sleeping  a 7-8 hour stretch at night.  I hope that trend continues, but that is not what I'm used to with my babies.  She also takes 2 or 3 good naps during the day.  I don't have her on a set napping schedule since if we're out she will just sleep on me in the baby carrier, but she always sleeps during Justus's nap in the afternoon.  Her brother and sister are very proud of her and very sweet to her.  Justus sometimes is a bit overbearing with his sweetness, but she's getting used to it!  On to the good's a video of the most pleasant little baby.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to our Dads!

Here's a picture of one of the best fathers I know

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Wichita and Job

We took a little trip to Wichita to see some friends.  Dane first connected with this family when he was living in Moscow.  So it's been a rather roundabout connection, but we've ended up really loving this family.  We camped out on the way there and the kids did surprisingly well.  Justus slept better in the tent than he did staying with our friends.  I considered just setting up the tent in their yard and letting him sleep there:)

I got pictures of everyone on our first "family of 5" camping trip.  Despite being surrounded by poison ivy (Justus is the only one who got a rash) our campsite was peaceful and pretty.   We found a two room tent at the thrift store last year and it's great!  Plenty of room for everyone including the pack-n-play.  

Our friends live on a farm.  It's a very active place ranging from a goat dairy to u-pick blackberries to a cafe.  We wore the kids out but they experienced some new things namely a donkey ride and baby goats.

Now we're starting on a new adventure.  After Dane being very flexible with his time over the past few years, he started a new job this past week, a 9 to 5 kind of job.  We are SO thankful for this job.  It will also be an adjustment for us as we navigate this new scheduled life:)