Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yes, it has been another long hiatus since we last journaled about our journey. We have been in Nashville most of the time.

I (Michelle) did take a trip with my sis to see our Mammaw and Pappaw in Missouri and went to a baby shower in Memphis with my sister-in-law.

We have both been enjoying some reading. I am a little bit addicted to Madeline L'Engle right now and think I need to take a break. Dane has been reading more educational material like Power Trip by Amanda Little (a native of Nashville) and The City in Mind by James Howard Kunstler. For you readers out there, I'm on a online book club called Goodreads. Let me know if you want to join!

We have had some fun bike rides and hikes. We've spent a lot of good time with our families. The Huguenot Restoration Society is a work in progress. I've gotten some nursing practice in at my old stomping ground, Siloam Family Health Center. Monday's are refugee day at Siloam and I give LOTS of shots! We semi-fulfilled a dream of Dane's when we had pizza every days for 7 days straight. His actual dream is to see just how long he could stand eating pizza every day. Don't worry Dane has not fallen off the deep end, we're talking healthy homemade pizza!

We are in the throws of searching for a job as well. Dane is applying for city planning/community development type jobs and we're also looking into the possibility of teaching overseas. This weekend we are going to a teaching job fair. We are hoping that what is next in life is revealed to us as clear as a bell. That may not happen, but we're hoping. We are also realizing that where we end up is going to be much more than a career, it's going to be church, community, know, life. And we want to live fully wherever we end up.

Although this is a year of Jubilee for us, it's not without its share of problems and sorrow. Learning to walk through sorrow ourselves and with others seems to be something that God is teaching us about. We know that our best efforts are very inadequate. We're thankful for God's grace with us and for us and in us.

Sorry, no pictures.

Until next time....