Saturday, December 4, 2010

This month marks the halfway point for the jubilee year. So far, we both agree that the journey has taken us beyond our expectations. The opportunities we have had to reconnect with family and old friends has been priceless. We have also got to see many different ways Christ is using His church. We have been tremendously blessed throughout this journey of jubilee, and look forward to the second half.

We have been in Nashville for the past 5 weeks, save a weekend excursion to Memphis. Before leaving for NC for a Haas Christmas, here are some Nashville highlights.

Our garage in McFerrin Park has been moaning the decades of neglect it suffered prior to our ownership beginning 4 years ago. Revisit the blog to see a pic of the completed renovation.

One of our favorite hiking places nearby is Radnor Lake about 15 minutes away. We almost always see deer. Lately we've also seen geese, turtles, and a variety of beautiful birds.

While at home, board games and card games become one of the favored pastimes. SkipBo burst on the scene after being found at a thrift store jungle for 75 cents.

Papa 4lines - cheating at SkipBo with a Cubby up his sleave.

One of the main attractions on our Memphis trip was a house concert with the Pates Family Singers (not their official name). We also enjoyed a raucous Christmas party, hours of visiting friends, and an urbane Sunday brunch atop one of Memphis' tallest buildings.

Back in Nashville, Mom and Dad 4lines have been quite accommodating, allowing us to nourish the Christmas spirit through twinkly lights staple-gunned to the kitchen cabinets.

I think they complement nicely with the always-elegent Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!