Sunday, May 18, 2014

They Make Us Smile

"You've got a boo boo, you can't catch me" after hearing our neighbors girls say the "na na na boo boo" line

"He's crying for Jesus" after I asked her why our neighbor's little boy was crying

"I can't right now, I'm reading books" after Dane asked if she wanted to check the mail with him

Dane endearingly saying Buster Justus to which Elise adamantly responded, "He's NOT Buster Justus, he's just Justus."

Such a sweet guy!

Bathtime with cousin Eli

First time to draw the eyes and mouth in the right place!

I am very proud of this beautiful picture!

Sliding before church this morning.  She made Daddy wear a hat too.

Picking out her own clothes.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Elise with her mini hammer "working" alongside Dane.  Author Wendell Berry talks about kids "playing at work" when they are young and how important that is as they grow into actually contributing to the work that a family's life requires.  Hammer away, Elise!

Friday, May 2, 2014


Elise's first carousel ride

Napping outside

Cousins on the floor

Smiley boy

"Smiley" girl

Just before his sister decided to carry him down our back steps

Building with Dane's scrap wood...I thought she did pretty good!

After our backyard Easter egg hunt

"Phase 2" of the tree house is complete.  A platform with ladder up our side, and slide down their side

Dane making a fun afternoon for the girls

Ready, Set, Go!


Elise eating lunch with her friend, Miriam

Justus letting his friend, Flora, eat his fingers!

Elise and Her Ways

When Elise needs to go to the bathroom we help her onto the toilet.  Then she kindly asks,"I have some privacy?"

When asking for mango she says,"Can I have some fla-mango?"

The other day while she was eating her lunch she loudly says,"I need papaya!"

She insists that statue is pronounced stachio as in pistachio.

When Dane doesn't understand something she says she tells him, "Daddy, look at my mouth."