Monday, December 16, 2013


I guess I'd better mention Thanksgiving before Christmas gets here.  We went to NC on entirely too short of a visit.  Next time we go we've decided we've got to stay at least a week if Mom and Dad can put up with us for that long.

We jumped right in to things by helping Dad process a couple of deer, which he gave to us , which are in our freezer right now, which will provide us with meat through the winter.  It's a gift and we're very thankful for our annual deer meat that Dad gets for us.

James, Stephanie, and cousins Tyler, Ryan, Dylan, and Emmy came on Thanksgiving day and we had a lovely feast.  The grandkids all got in the hot tub with Grampy that afternoon and then Tyler and Dad went hunting and brought back a Thanksgiving deer.  I took Elise out to watch them work on it after they got back.  I'd like her to be familiar with where our food comes from, but she wasn't all that interested.  The day ended with Dane not feeling well.  He got some sort of virus, which passed from him to Elise to me.  Thankfully I was feeling well while they were sick and they were feeling well when I was sick, so we all got to help take care of each other.

We stopped by Grandpa and Grandma Haas's house on the way home.  Elise and I got a ride on the lawnmower sled (no snow required) and we enjoyed some of the best hospitality in the world.  I love to eat a meal at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Now we're home and celebrating the Advent season as we try to establish some traditions of our own.  It's been especially fun to celebrate since Elise is starting to understand more of the world around her.  She was a bit upset that we were giving Christmas goodies away to the neighbors.  She wanted to keep them for herself.  Anything sugary is a "special treat" and she kept asking for a special treat yesterday.

Elise is a funny kid.  Some of the things she says and some of her antics are so funny.  I try to only laugh at the appropriate ones.  This past week we were talking about the new baby in my belly and how we don't know if it's going to be a boy or a girl.  That it is a surprise.  She started pulling at my belly saying "open it!"  When I was washing her hands after lunch one day I asked her "How's that?"  She replied "not bad!"  Then she got a little sassy with me this week when I wasn't giving her my full attention.  "Mommy, I'm talking to you!"  I'm trying to remember these things she says.

Enjoy this Advent Season!  I'm so thankful that Jesus came.

Dane with his Thanksgiving facial hair