Thursday, September 2, 2010

An Assortment of Random Things

Answer to the mystery picture...It is a hole especially made by Dane in the bottom of my Dad's boat. Dane was supposed to be helping to repair the boat. Oops! I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but after Dane sliced through the bottom of Dad's boat he wasn't asked to do anymore work on it!

And the new mystery question is.....What kind of meat did we get to help my Dad put in the freezer???

We visited cousin David and his wife Haley and their little boy Colt. It was a short but sweet visit. I lived with my Aunt Trudy and Uncle Donnie, David's parents, during my first year of college so David was my brother for a time.

We visited the oldest church in NC. It was simple but beautiful in its simplicity

My Mom had to work overnight at a shelter during Hurricaine Earl. Thankfully it was a pretty mild storm.

The shelter was located in a local high school and this poster was hanging on the wall. Now I know my destiny!

There are so many beautiful old homes near the Carolina coast. We thought this one was hauntingly beautiful and felt an ache in our hearts that it has been left alone to decay.

On the brighter side, this pretty little church is apparently in the process of being saved. Although it is looking a little lonely sitting up all by itself in this field.

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  1. 1)That's the first place I've seen in a while that I think I could afford rent on, so don't worry, I'll move in and fix it up. 2)Great pics! 3)Miche, I didn't know your destiny was to guest star on the PBS cartoon Arthur. Bek