Thursday, November 8, 2018


Still no camera, but here are some from the past few months.  Oldest to newest.




With Eli and Gibson

With The James Family and Joseph

This is my last picture of her with her hair.  Last week she and Justus decided that she needed a haircut.  Picture of her new Pixie cut coming soon.

Superman, a bat and and Egyptian princess

Friday, January 26, 2018

A picture update

Here are a few pictures from the past few months.  I've been without a camera lately.  The two handsome young men in the picture below dropped my camera outside right after we took that picture of them.  I found it 3 days later after it had rained.  It was still semi-functioning.  Enough for me to find the evidence that these two were the ones that dropped it:)  Then our house got broken into and the broken camera was stolen anyway.

These two like to get into trouble!

The three munchkins

The amazing James family

These three enjoyed getting a picture on the cannon

Gibson and Elise didn't like it so much

The whole Thanksgiving crew.  We missed James and his family

Most recent family picture
It's hard to get one of those with a husband and daughter who don't like getting their picture taken!

Post Thanksgiving meal hike

A kiss for making it to the top

Dad was our hiking guide

We went to a gingerbread house making party and had fun making this yummy house

We had a legitimate Christmas tree this year!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Not Walking!

She was walking until....

Look familiar?

The last two pictures are when Elise was 14 months old after breaking her leg.  These girls like to break their legs!  Naomi gets her long cast off on Tuesday (less than 3 weeks).  Then she has to wear a boot for a couple of weeks which will allow her to take a bath!

And then I'll leave you with some pictures of Justus and Elise at my friends' wedding.



Aunt Alicia is silly too!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Walking! and a few Naomi updates

I really don't know how to turn this video the right way, so you'll have to crane your neck sideways to watch it.  I also figured out that I don't know my daughter's age.  For the past few months she's been a month older in my head than she really is.  I was fact checking my statement after I took the video and she's actually not going to be 19 months old for another 1 1/2 months.  Oops!  I still love her to pieces and she is such a joy to us all. 

I was unintentionally ignoring Elise the other day in favor of playing with Naomi and admiring something cute she was doing.  Elise said, "Ugh, I wish Naomi wasn't such an attractive baby.  She's just too attractive!"  Naomi loves her big sister and and brother. Although she does have a bit of fight in her when Justus is being a bit too much.  We're working on gentleness.  She's very observant and curious.  She's saying all kinds of words now which of course only her family can understand.  She sleeps like a dream baby which I attribute to her thumb sucking.  There is so much more that life holds, but this is a bit of what Naomi is up to these days!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Summertime To Schooltime

Our summer was quite full.  My goal was to make it a fun summer for Elise before she started school.
I think her favorite part was swimming.  The girl is a fish and her little sister is following in her footsteps.  We found a great city pool that all the kids loved.

I'm not a big picture taker, so I didn't capture most of our fun, but here are a few pictures from the summer.

Time with Family

A Sunflower Field!

Time with Friends


Elise's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Elise's First Story

Elise sat down a couple of weeks ago and decided to write a story.  She just kept writing.  She would occasionally bring it to me to read.  When I would read it out loud, she would get so excited.  I made me realize that I take for granted how magical reading and writing are.  She came up with a story in her head, wrote it down on paper, and now it's coming out of someone else's mouth.  It's quite wonderful when you think about it.

Here is the transcribed story:

Once upon a time Elise was walking down a road and she went to a pond.  And her brother, Jus, came along and he played with her.  And they heard something.  It was a bunny rabbit and a fox chasing each other.  And a giant came and he said, "I'm going to eat you after I get your bones out."  And so they ran for their lives.  "Come here right now," said the giant.  But they kept running and running.  And so they stopped for a rest.  And the giant did not know where they went.

The End

I'm a proud parent:)  She learned so much this year.  Much of it was self-motivated learning.  It's really amazing to see how their minds learn things.

She also learned a lot in her Pre-K class this year.  She went two days a week.  I'm thankful for that easy transition into her school days for all of us.  Next year it will be kindergarten 5 long days a week.  She'll be in a dual language program, learning Spanish.  Here is a picture with her class from this past school year and one with her teacher.

And I leave you with a picture of some beautiful hydrangeas.  Stolen from the yard of a house with a caved in roof.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happy Birthday Naomi!

She's reached the one year mark in record time.  Sweet Naomi.  She is a joy.  She melts hearts with her smile.  She is curious just like her big sister was.  She can crawl like a pro.  She's pulling up on everything and is learning to climb stairs.  She babbles and is very expressive.  We love her so much!