Monday, September 23, 2013

What Elise Is Up To

Elise is entering this stage of talking out more of her own thoughts instead of just repeating what we say.  But there is still a lot of repeating.  This week she started saying "Oh my goo-ness" and "Oh man!"  When we were in the truck yesterday she started talking to the cars in front of us.  "Go! Go! Cars! Go!"  Hmmmm...she's heard one of her parents say that.  She'll tell us stories in detail with facial expressions to boot.  We try to understand and nod and laugh at appropriate times:)

She also has a one-eyed stick horse that is perfectly fine to play with, but she prefers getting the toilet plunger from the bathroom and riding it instead saying "Giddyup, giddyup!"  Honestly the toilet plunger is probably more her size and a bit more manageable for her to ride.

She still loves giving hugs and kisses, sometimes a bit aggressively to kids her size.  She tackled her little friend over the other day with one of her hugs.  If she gets hurt or notices any sort of injury on her body she holds out the body part and say "kiss it".  Gladly!

She's getting pretty bossy too, which means she'll fit into the role of big sister well.  Which will be a new role for her in February if all goes well with the new little one coming along.

She got her first haircut last week.  The mullet was getting a bit out of hand, although I did miss it after we trimmed it off.  We had been talking about haircuts for a few weeks from one of her favorite books.  So she knew what a haircut was and welcomed it when we pulled out the scissors.

I had a broken leg scare this past week after she tripped while running in the house.  After she fell she couldn't bear weight on her right leg without crying and it wasn't much better the next morning.  I asked several people to pray and thankfully the next day when we went for x-rays there were no signs of broken bones.  She limped for a couple of days after that, but is back to her normal full-throttle self.

Haircut  in Pictures