Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A couple more exciting adventures.

First, a bank robbery! Yes while we were browsing in a used bookstore in Bryson City, NC we heard sirens, saw cop cars squeal into the parking lot across from the bookstore, and saw an on-foot chase of the bank robber himself. The robber didn't get far. As he was running down Bryson City's little main street someone who worked at the local hardware store tackled him flat. He was captured, but let me tell you, the little town of Bryson City was in an uproar! It was quite exciting.

This is the First Citizens bank that was robbed

Second adventure occurred at Fall Creek Falls State Park. Dane and I wanted to go on one last hike before heading back to Nashville to conclude our 6 week journey. We somehow go separated on the trail. And we somehow passed each other without seeing each other. In the beginning I was mad because I thought Dane had hiked way ahead of me and left me, then God helped me with my anger as I hiked all the way to the base of the falls to find Dane. By the time I got to the bottom, I was no longer angry, but started to worry when Dane wasn't down there. Dane in the meantime was frantically looking for me expecting to see me splat at the bottom of the falls as he kept looking over the edge.

After about 30 minutes we were happily reunited.

We concluded that God must have blinded our eyes to seeing each other when we passed on the trail so that he could work on my anger and remind us again how much we love and care about each other.

Yes, Miriam, that is your jacket.


  1. gosh, gosh, gosh! You were in so many of the same places we were on our vacay!!! So great :) These pics are beautiful, especially the one of you and Dane hugging. yes, beautiful.

  2. Michelle--I thought you were talking about a different jacket. YOU TWIRP!! I wear that one!!!!