Sunday, June 17, 2012

They adore each other

One of Elise's favorite places to be.  Swinging with Daddy on the porch.

Dane, you're a sweet, gentle, loving and fun Dad

Sadly, we had to put Dane on the bus to Chattanooga this morning.  But we got to do some Father's Day celebrating yesterday.  We already miss you Dane

Saturday, June 16, 2012

5 Months

Elise is growing like a weed (a cute weed).  She weighed in at 18 lbs 14 oz this week.  We've been getting several comments lately like "She's a healthy girl!" or "She sure doesn't miss any meals!".  And now that I think about it both of those comments are very true.  This past week she has: 1) Discovered her feet and pulls her little legs up to her chest whenever she wakes up or when she's getting a diaper change so she can grab on to her feet  2) Started to suck on her tongue and lips and make smacking noises, it seems to coincide with when it's time to eat.  We plan on starting to let her try some real food soon 3) Begun swinging her right arm around, especially when she has a toy that makes noise.  We think she's going to be right handed.  She is growing and changing so much all of the time.  We're savoring every minute.

She's starting to kind of sit, although she hasn't yet mastered rolling over

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I have to say that Elise is the sweetest little girl around.  She's been in a little bit of weird mood the past couple of days.  I'm not sure why,  but I think it might be because she's changing and growing.  She's grabbing her toes and pushing up (like the pics below) much easier and she's slept through the night (9 hours) the past couple of nights.  Dane finally saw her roll over yesterday.  It was her third time to do it.  Her eating and bowel habits are changing.  I thought she'd never poop, but she did this morning without difficulty, much to my relief.  She just takes everything in and it's times like these that I realize just how much babies and children take in and learn and wish desperately that I spoke another language or played the piano.  I just have to settle for spending time with the neighbors across the street and asking them to speak to Elise in Spanish or having friends and family play music when they come to visit.  But I kind of like how that works out too.