Monday, April 16, 2012

3 Months! (plus 2 days)

This past Thursday at her appointment for vaccines. She weighed 14 lbs and 15 oz and was 25 inches long!

Two of her favorite things: eating her fist and pulling up her dress

We get to enjoy her smiles and laughs all the time now!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Glimpses of Life

I'm going to inundate you with pictures on this post.

Dane was off work for Spring break last week and we had a great week. We got LOTS of stuff done around the house. We're hoping to get chickens and bees sometime in the next week and we have their abodes prepared to receive them. Dane worked like a crazy man on their coop. It looks good enough for our family to live in! I got all of our hive boxes painted and the frames ready to go in the boxes.

We had some fun too. We enjoy our neighborhood so much and spent time with neighbors and walking the streets. Dane took us on a hike to celebrate my birthday. We had "sushi night" with some friends and while there got to meet our friends' 4 week old baby for the first time. She is precious and so tiny. I don't remember Elise being so small! We spent time with family here in Nashville and at Miriam, Adam, and Joe's house out in the boondocks. It was a GOOD week.

Now for some pictures and Elise updates.

I call this "the throne". I'll set her up in the kitchen floor while I'm cooking or doing dishes and she just watches all of the activity from her throne. She's looking over at the back door as Dane is coming inside in this picture. She also sucks on her fingers and fists all the time. This past week she has also started sucking in her bottom lip which makes her slobber all over her chin, but it's cute!

Elise's first swim with our neighbor's twin girls. She didn't seem too sure about it. It may have been because the water was a bit cool. She's used to the warm bathtub. We'll see how the swimming progresses throughout the summer.

Our hike. Elise slept the whole time on Dane's back for 1 1/2 hours. It was a great overcast day to hike. We finished our hike and got home just before the rain started pouring down.

Elise loves her bouncy seat! I'm not sure that babies are supposed to start in the bouncy seat at 2 1/2 months! But she pushes herself around and holds her head up well and it always makes her laugh. She loves seeing the activities going on around her, and this provides a good way for her to do that.

In the jogging stroller and ready for a walk

She sleeps really well. She goes down for bed between 8-9pm. She sleeps 4-7 hours. (last night it was 8) wakes up to eat and then sleeps about 3-4 more hours. She usually takes a short morning nap for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Then she takes a mega nap in the afternoon from about 2-5pm.

Someone is waking up from her morning nap right now. Got to go!