Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grandpa and Grandma

10 fun days were spent with Grandpa and Grandma. Although they live in the Goldsboro, NC suburbs, they have created a little oasis there, complete with a garden, chickens, fruit trees, flowers, a little swimming pool, lots of good food and plenty of love.

Dane left us for a few days to go to a conference in Chicago. He was sorely missed and we were so happy when he came back!

Eating fast food while Dane is out of town!

Dane coming home from the men's bathroom! So handsome!

G&G welcomed into their everyday lives. They were especially busy with ministry activities while we were there, and we just went along with them to each activity. I especially love Grandpa's garden.

Grandpa's fall garden. We got to enjoy some squash and greens out of it!

We had plenty of work to do when we got there! Cleaning gutters, running plumbing to the garage, planting seeds, weeding weeds, etc. Working is still an important part of this year and it's very satisfying to see jobs get done. Dane had to use some strange machinery (a trencher) to dig the trench for the plumbing to the garage. Don't get me wrong, we also had lots of fun!

I visited with my cousin Julie and her two sons one afternoon while in Goldsboro. Julie and I are the same age and always played together at family gatherings while growing up. It was different and good to get to visit as adults!

Julie with her two sons Evan and Pierson


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  2. That "sombrero" is at South of the Border! Any seasoned I-95 traveler knows that! Enjoyed reading your posts. Never heard back from you after I received and answered your email....we had thought you were going to spend Saturday night with us but we never heard from you. I know your internet access if "iffy" sometimes. That's okay...I know you had a busy itinerary. We'll catch you the next time you're in Flo-town. Enjoy reading your blog!