Sunday, November 3, 2013

Quick Picture Update

A couple of weeks ago we took off to Memphis to celebrate with some of our good friends.  Their daughter turned one!  We love spending time with these folks that meant a lot to us during our time living in Memphis and still mean a lot to us.  The picture below was taken a few months ago.  Andy and Susan to the left of the picture are the one with the 1 year old, unfortunately when this picture was taken she was napping and when we were in Memphis for the birthday party I didn't take any pictures with our camera. 

We camped for one night on our way to Memphis and had a fun but rather sleepless night in the tent.  It was only Elise's second time camping, but it was her first time to eat a s'more.  She loved it all.  The picture above is one we took after our sleepless night.

This was Elise coming out of her room the other day, dressed up in her hat, carrying her bunny, and singing Jesus Loves Me ("Jesus, Jesus, I know" is her version)

We had us a little turtle for Halloween.  She had fun trick-or-treating at the Farmer's Market with Gran and then with our neighbors' girls on our street.  She was loving the candy she did get to eat, but we hid it from her afterwards and honestly I've been the one eating most of it with an occasional "special treat" for Elise.