Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Elise's First Day of School

Elise is going to a Pre-K program two times a week from 8:30-11.  It's a program through our public school called Creative Learning in a Unique Environment (CLUE).  She loved it despite some apprehension yesterday and this morning.  I do have this twang of sadness surrounding this big step, but I'm excited to see her growing and learning.  I'm glad it's only two days a week.  We can both handle that!

Thursday, August 25, 2016


We went for a short but sweet visit to North and South Carolina.  Our first stop was to visit my grandparents.  It was their first time to meet Naomi.  It might be our last time to see them before they move to France.  They are getting rid of all of their worldly possessions and offered to let us take some stuff.  I requested a kitchen utensil from Grandma and a gardening utensil from Grandpa.  Those cooking and gardening parts of who I am now were largely influenced by and passed down from them to my Dad and on to me.  I am grateful for that and wanted something to remind me of them while I cook and garden.  We visited with them for a few hours before saying goodbye and heading south to my parents.

We were at Mom and Dad's for 3 days.  Not nearly enough time but we packed in what we could.  A boat ride was top priority since I had been talking it up with the kids for the past few weeks.  Dad obliged and we made a trip to Santee Lake.  At one point we were speeding over some choppy water and I had to signal to Dad to slow down because both kids were crying in terror.  It was their first time on a speed boat.  Other than that moment Justus loved it, but Elise preferred when we were done with the speed boat and swimming near the dock  Next time we need to see Grampy fly his airplanes!  We also got to visit with my Aunt and Uncle one evening and the kids enjoyed swimming in their pool.  Even Naomi!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Last weekend we were able to celebrate with Dane's grandparents.  60th wedding anniversary!  Although I don't have a picture with them, we did get a few of Elise and Justus with their cousins.  Elise and Lillian had so much fun together.  Justus and Andon will play in the same room near each other, but aren't quite playing together yet.

We were also able to visit with some dear friends that were visiting from India.  They were fellow Memphians when we lived here before.  Dane and Andy went to school together and we eventually ended up churching, gardening, etc together.  They have a little girl close to Elise's age and they hit it off.  I wish they lived here for many reasons, but one is so that Elise and Marion could be friends.  Elise needs a good girl friend.

We also received a surprise package in the mail from an old friend that I haven't seen in years.  But my mom ran into her a few weeks ago.  She made and sent a baby blanket for Naomi.  So kind!  Elise likes to use it as a shawl.

And of course, we can't forget Justus.  He is at a fun age right now and I want to be sure to enjoy it.  Yesterday I had just put Naomi down for her nap and I got Justus and Elise set up working on a craft while I went out to hang up some laundry.  Everything was under control...right?  I came back in to find Justus joyfully laying beside Naomi on the bed yelling "Mommy, Naomi is awake!"  I didn't react to him with the same joyful enthusiasm to say the least.  But that's just one of our Justus moments.  He's so enthusiastic about life!