Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year (with Merry Christmas pictures yet to come)

After 10 days away from home as a family and then 2 more for me, it was nice to be home the past couple of days.  Nothing fancy, except maybe a bit of laziness on my part!  We spent the day at home yesterday except for a quick grocery run and then spent some time with friends last night.  We were home well before midnight and Dane and I were able to reflect a bit on the past year before I sent out a few Christmas cards.  I know...I guess they were more like Happy New Year cards that just appear exactly like Christmas cards.  They were delivered much later than I had anticipated!

Today we went out once as a family for our First Day Hike.  We kept the hike very easy and short so the kids would enjoy it and we ended at a playground.  It was a bit of a struggle to get everyone bundled up and out of the house without many meltdowns, but I'm glad we did.  Just being outside in the woods and nature settles my heart and makes me happy.

Happy New Year.  May this next year be full of joy and peace and growth and adventure and so much more for you!

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