Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We celebrated our final day of the Christmas Season on January 6th - Three Kings Day/Epiphany.  We always make a cake and hide a little king inside and whoever finds the king gets to wear the crown.  Elise made our crown this year.

Justus found the king!

I'm including some pictures from Christmas at the cabin.  We were with the Forlines side of the family this year.  We all (Gran, Grandpa, and all of the aunts, uncles and cousins) went to a cabin in Kentucky.  It was so much fun.  The weather was unseasonably warm so there were plenty of opportunities to get out and go hiking.  And then, of course, lots of games, and talks, and eating and all the other stuff that you come up with when you're at a cabin in the woods.  Due to the lack of cold we felt the need to create our own winter wonderland for Christmas day.  We'll have lots of special memories from this Christmas!

The Family

The Winter Wonderland

Bek's free craiglist Christmas tree!

Elise's favorite present

New toy!

Matching new toys!

Elise's favorite activity at the cabin

Kids dancing to Christmas tunes by Brad

The boys relaxing

Ready for Christmas Brunch

Squishy ride in the truck with my favorite kids


  1. Elise looks like she is rather pleased with her brother for finding the king or very proud of the crown she made! What a cute little face! Can't wait until I get to see those little faces again and meet the new little face!!

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  3. I so hope we can meet up in March! I did a clean-out of email, and tragically found your November email in the wrong folder. AHHH so sad about that!!! I love your pictures and watching your family grow. Let's talk very soon!