Friday, January 22, 2016

Elise is 4

Chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, of course!

She's four.  Why does four seem so much older than three?  She is one unique, spirited, fun four year old that we love so much.  Justus spent some time with friends while Dane and I took her on a date.  Pizza at her request and a ride to the top of the Bass Pro Shop elevator (a dream of hers for the past 6 months).  Then, because she was having trouble picking what kind of cake she wanted, we went to the cupcake shop for her to pick six different flavors.  She rarely chooses favorites of anything.  Her response is usually "they're ALL my favorite!"

She loves books and crafts and coloring.  She has a big imagination in which she usually ends up being the mommy, queen or princess.  She is all girl.  Dressing up in her princess dresses is an almost daily occurrence.  She loves babies.  She is a first born in that she likes to tell others how things are, or how they should be, or what they should be doing.  She is very attentive to detail and likes to do things neatly.  She's a great big sister.  She likes to help cook (especially when it comes to licking out a tasty bowl).  She is always up for an adventure.  She's an independent one!  She loves to laugh and to make others laugh.  Such a complex little soul is hard to describe.  We're proud of who she is and who she is becoming.  We're praying most of all that this girl continues to grow up to love Jesus.

Concentrating hard.  Notice the tongue?

Downtown Memphis

On the trolley

Top of the world!

Peering down 283 feet!

She's still so small!

She has a very unique fashion sense!

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  1. Love the birthday pics! Looks like she had a great time! Time passes way to fast. Sometimes I wish I could do it all again. Love you all.