Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Justus' first camping trip

We tried going camping with Elise and Justus a couple of months ago.  It was beautiful weather, warm during the day and just cool enough at night.  Everyone was excited and ready to go.  I had prepped some hobo dinners to cook over the fire for dinner and had biscuits ready to twist around sticks and cook over the fire for breakfast the next day.  We got to the park to find out that there was a fire ban.  Absolutely no fires allowed.  Well, what is camping without a fire? Not to mention my meal plans were ruined.  So we returned home and went to our friends' house to cook our dinner over a fire in their backyard.  It was fun, the hobo dinners turned out great, and the s'mores were yummy, but Elise has been asking about camping ever since.  She was also under the impression that anytime it rained was the perfect time to go camping

After mid-November hit, we were skeptical that a camping trip would happen any time before spring.  But lo and behold, this mild Memphis December.  Mid-November and a Tuesday night.  Who would have thought that would be the perfect time to camp?  And it was so wonderful.  The kids had a blast.  We just went with hotdogs, sweet potato chips and celery sticks for supper (easy!).  Dane had bought an 8 man tent at a thrift store and it was so wonderful and roomy.  Not at all like the last time we went camping with Elise.  We brought along a space heater that kept the tent the perfect temperature.  The sky was so clear.  I don't remember the last time I saw that many stars at night.  There were a couple of negatives though.  1) The downpour we had this morning.  I did look at the forecast on Monday and it predicted sunny and clear skies until Saturday.  I'm sure of it!  But I guess the rain made it seem just right to Elise.  2) I forgot the camera, so no pictures.

I think the next time we go will be with 3 kids!

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