Friday, January 3, 2014

This Season

It's been a lovely season.  I feel like there are aspects of the Christmas Season that are fresh again to me because they have been fresh and new and exciting for Elise.  I've wondered about new things now that I have a child.  What was Jesus like as a baby and a child?  What was it like to be Jesus' mother?

We went to see the lights at Opryland Hotel this year.  They are really beautiful.  They also have a huge Nativity Scene outside that is quite impressive.  We realized that Elise has been comprehending the Christmas Story when she looked around with a confused look and asked "Where's cousin Elizabeth?"  Not typically portrayed in a Nativity Scene, but there were a couple of Mary's, so we just decided that one of them could be Elizabeth to ease Elise's confusion.

We've spent good times with family and friends.  Now Dane will be heading back to work on Monday.  We'll return to the normal (which never is quite normal) and continue on into this new year.  Hoping and praying that it holds things in store that will help us to grow to be more like Jesus.

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  1. Sweet and good to see her hearing and remembering stories. The little things don't escape children. Look forward to your peaceful presence later this month. :)