Monday, January 13, 2014

Elise is 2!

 We are very blessed to be Elise's parents.  It's unbelievable to me that she's already two.  I think all parents say that.  She is a funny little gal with her own little sense of humor always trying to make us laugh (sometimes when we shouldn't be).  She is quite independent too.  I told her she was independent the other day and she thought I was talking about her pinna (the outer part of her ear...I was teaching her random body parts a few weeks ago).  She loves books with a passion.  She's sleeping in her "big girl" bed now and doing great after a rough patch of about 3 days.  We're working on potty training and I really have no idea what I'm doing, but I think she's catching on.  Soon we'll get to see her in her role as "big sister".  - Mommy Michelle

When Elise was born, a co-worker told me she would be my greatest teacher. His prophetic words certainly ring true after her first two years. As her pupil, I have learned some things enthusiastically, and some things because I didn't have the option not to. But I'm thankful for every lesson. I have learned of courage I never knew I had - courage to provide for her and protect her. I have learned the love I have for my wife is deeper than I can comprehend. I have learned to respect my parents more. I have learned of new ways to laugh, new ways to cry, and new ways to get angry. I have learned more about the patience and long-suffering of my God. I have learned more about the depth of my own selfishness. I have learned how fun it is to dance and be silly. I have learned how much I still don't know about life. I have learned I can be somebody's hero. Thank you, Elise, for your lessons. I look forward to many more. - Daddy Dane

Elise in the laundry basket with her newest cousin Eli!

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  1. Just to ease any confusion, Elise's birthday is on the 14th. I just posted this on the 13th with pictures from our celebration on the 12th...maybe that's more confusing?