Thursday, January 30, 2014

MLKJ Day Weekend

Good friends plus a long weekend plus a cabin equals just what we needed a couple of weeks ago.  Each year, since about 2008, we try to make it to a cabin at a state park on MLKJ Day weekend.  We've done it by ourselves, with family, or with friends.  Each time it has been fun and relaxing with lots of games being played, good conversations being had, good food being eaten, etc.  This year we went with some of our Memphis friends.  The picture below is of the group: Abbye, Larry, Elise, Michelle, Dane, Susan, Andy, and Marion.  We missed Abbye's husband, Jeff, not being able to make it.  Andy, Susan, and Marion are leaving soon to live in India and work with a ministry there.  This was a good and sweet farewell time together.

The whole crew

On a hike...

...with Andy, Susan, and Marion

Elise's breakfast spot...this one's for Larry!


Many books were read

View from the back deck

The cabin

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