Thursday, October 28, 2010

Maine and New Brunswick

Returning to a place of the past that's full of memories is always a bit odd for me (Michelle). I find myself constantly looking around expecting to see this person or that person that I went to high school or church with or worked with. In actuallity the only people that I saw are people that I intentionally planned to see. Memories do flood back like crazy though.

In Maine we stayed with a family that I (Michelle) went to church with in high school. They were dear friends then and we have continued to stay in touch (which is a rarity for me). I started teaching sunday school with Josh and Jayde when they were about 4 and 6 years old. Now Jayde is in 10th grade and Josh is graduating high school this year! (And it really blesses me to see how they've grown in their faith through the years) We played an abundance of Farkle, rode 4-wheelers, and competed on the Wii. They let us stay in Josh and Jordan's camp behind their house and enjoy some wood heat (the best kind in my opinion).

Dane and Josh after their 4-wheeler ride. The bright orange helped them not get shot!

Jayde and me warm and orange

Bye Josh, Jordan, Teresa, Jayde and Richard!

I forced Dane to explore old memories with me. The old house, the church, the potato stand, the high school, etc.

Nancy's place, where I used to sell potatoes.
Nancy and Garth sent us away with plenty of potatoes!

Logan, Frank, Reanna and Karen

Reanna, one of my best old friends from Maine and her son, Logan

I also visited a couple of other friends from high school, Emily and Sam. I haven't seen much of them since high school, so it was good to catch up in real life.

It's been quite a while since I lived in New Brunswick, Canada. 17 years when I add it all up! Dane and I have visited within the past 4 years when my parents lived there again.

We stayed with Keith, Mary and Leon, wonderful friends of my family. We enjoyed time spent with them AND enjoyed the work they put us to.

One evening Keith picked up his guitar and he and Leon started to sing.
Soon Mary joined in and we enjoyed some good singing.

The church put us to work, painting some Bible verses in a newly finished addition

The wood

Putting the wood in for the winter

After about a week in Maine and Canada, we started heading back to Nashville the long way.

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  1. Dane, not sure WHAT you're doing in the orange, but thankful for the good laugh. ;)