Sunday, November 7, 2010

New England City Tour

We visited three of the big cities. But the lure was mostly people, not the city. (Dane might not agree)

Before heading into the big cities, we experienced the hospitality of the sister of a friend of a friend in Brunswick Maine. I love it! Thank you Paul and Elsbeth. We also got a glimpse of (it was a bit foggy) and picked up some shells from the Maine coast. It's beautiful in a tough kind of beautiful way.

We stopped in Boston to visit Patrick and Jill in their new home (the hospital). They are setting up house there until Jill delivers their son, Theo. I'm sure hospital life gets trying on them, but joy was present with them still.
Jill and Patrick

Then on to NYC. After several drive by glances of our hotel near the airport, we finally figured out how to actually get there. Dane likened the roads around Newark airport to spaghetti.

We visited Hollie, friend and previous roommate, at Hephzibah House. It's a really unique ministry including prison ministry, English language teaching, and a hospitality house for people in ministry. Hollie's worked there for a couple of years and loves it.

Michelle and Hollie

One day Dane left Hollie and I to our own devises while he went exploring the city on his own. I had such a good time following Hollie around the city and both of us talking our heads off. The next day James Daniel and I explored the city together.

some sort of art that I didn't understand

Sunday, October 31st was Dane's birthday. We went to church with Hollie that morning and then drove to Philadelphia. Jared and Maryanne are in Philly. We went out to a local pizza joint for Dane's birthday.

Jared is studying philosophy. We definitely got our fill of deep conversations while in Philly! But of course loved it. I wished we lived closer to them. Dane and Jared could talk and Maryanne and I could mostly listen and work on projects. (Maryanne is a beautiful artist)

A secret mosaic in Philly

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