Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Last weekend we were able to celebrate with Dane's grandparents.  60th wedding anniversary!  Although I don't have a picture with them, we did get a few of Elise and Justus with their cousins.  Elise and Lillian had so much fun together.  Justus and Andon will play in the same room near each other, but aren't quite playing together yet.

We were also able to visit with some dear friends that were visiting from India.  They were fellow Memphians when we lived here before.  Dane and Andy went to school together and we eventually ended up churching, gardening, etc together.  They have a little girl close to Elise's age and they hit it off.  I wish they lived here for many reasons, but one is so that Elise and Marion could be friends.  Elise needs a good girl friend.

We also received a surprise package in the mail from an old friend that I haven't seen in years.  But my mom ran into her a few weeks ago.  She made and sent a baby blanket for Naomi.  So kind!  Elise likes to use it as a shawl.

And of course, we can't forget Justus.  He is at a fun age right now and I want to be sure to enjoy it.  Yesterday I had just put Naomi down for her nap and I got Justus and Elise set up working on a craft while I went out to hang up some laundry.  Everything was under control...right?  I came back in to find Justus joyfully laying beside Naomi on the bed yelling "Mommy, Naomi is awake!"  I didn't react to him with the same joyful enthusiasm to say the least.  But that's just one of our Justus moments.  He's so enthusiastic about life!

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  1. Naomi is a doll! Loved reading about this. Maybe Alicia and I will road trip and visit one weekend this fall!