Monday, May 6, 2013

Little Life Update

Spring is coming in spurts here in Nashville.  It is lush and green everywhere, but this past Saturday didn't even see 60 degrees.  I'm ready for it.  I'm ready to get the garden in.  I'm ready to ride bikes (if we can convince Elise that the bike seat is fun), and go to outdoor concerts. 

Dane has 3 weeks left to teach this year and then is "off" for the summer.  He'll still be working, but plans are tentative.  Either way, he's looking forward to the break from teaching.  Michelle Obama is speaking at his school's high school graduation this year.  I'm looking forward to that.  I've never been in the presence of a US President or First Lady in my life.

Elise is so fun right now.  But can also be so frustrating:)  She is a bit spoiled with attention I think, but as cousins grow and more cousins and siblings arrive that will change.  Elise loves being outside, loves bubbles, loves animals, loves tractors and big trucks.  The girl just loves life.  She also loves to get what she wants when she wants it.  Delayed gratification isn't really a concept she grasps yet.  Jibber-Jabbering contantly.  Sometimes it's real words, other times it's her very own language.  Words she says now are: bubble, dog, hot, Dada, Mama, Paw-Paw (grandpa), Pop (Great Grandpa), mo (more), up, peeeeeease (please), tant too (thankyou), Hichoo (highchair), I do, shoe, bye-bye, hi, eye, no, boon (balloon), tickle, ball, and then noises of most animals, a tractor, and a train.  It amazes me how much she understands.  She loves being chased.  It makes her squeal with delight. 

We're reminded everyday of how blessed we are. 


  1. You certainly are blessed, as are we! Elise is changing so quickly. We will see a huge difference I'm sure. Love her baby language! :) Love ya bunches!!!

  2. I hope it is getting warmer. How are the bees?

    1. The bees are busy. We've been adding supers (extra boxes) to the top during this season when the nectar is heavy flowing and they are filling them up with honey. I'm looking forward to harvesting some of our first honey soon!

  3. So much fun reading all about 'everything"...from gardens to bees....from Elise's "talking'...noticing something different about your little never say anything about her enjoying a "baby doll" which most little girls adore? Or did we miss something? Grandpa is happy about your garden, etc. hey, when are you coming to see us? love you and praying for you all...grandpa and grandma Haas