Sunday, May 13, 2012

NC in pictures

Here are a few more pictures from our time in North Carolina

Dad has milk goats that provide Mom and Dad with delicious milk and cheese.  This is part of the cheese making process.  After the cheese and whey have separated he's draining the rest of the whey out of the cheese.
Dad, Mom and Elise at the waterfront park in NewBern
Enjoying the water
First time in a high chair!
Dad has become a French baker in the past several weeks.  This is my favorite,  Petit Pain au Chocolat!
First time to meet Great Grandpa and Grandma Haas
Watching the birds

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  1. FUN! Your parents look great! Just like I remember them. :) Jenny and I still talk about the banana pancakes your mom use to make for us! Well that, and her telling us if we were ever kidnapped to start eating grass! Haha! Good memories! ~ Tracey