Sunday, May 6, 2012

Surprise visit to North Carolina

Elise and I were given a very special gift from Dane's parents.  They flew us out to visit my parents so they could spend some time with Elise.  My Dad saw her for less than 24 hours when she was a few days old and my Mom hasn't seen her since she was 2 1/2 weeks old. 

When Dane's parents told me what they wanted to do I began scheming.  We decided to make it a surprise for my Mom and although she suspected that something was up, we pulled it off and she was completely surprised when we were waiting for her when she got home from work on Thursday.  She came in the door and walked into the living room to say hello to my Dad and ask about his day.  Elise was sitting in the recliner in the corner the whole time just waiting to be noticed.  Finally she caught Elise out of the corner of her eye!  Elise was just grinning at her and Mom was soooo happy. Of course was immediately picked up and really hasn't been put down much since then.

Here are some pictures from our time here so far.  More to come after a visit to to see Elise's Great Grandpa and Grandma Haas tomorrow.

Elise and Bambi

What a sweet girl!

Grammy introducing Elise to the goats

She's not sure what to think

They seem fascinated with one another

So much to see

Trying to get a better look

Casper thinks Elise tastes good

Elise thinks her fingers taste good

All the cousins together for the first time
Dad teaching me to milk the goat

I finally got the hang of it, but I'm still awkward at it

We're missing Daddy Dane, but also enjoying every minute here. 

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  1. Michelle, I'm so happy FOR you that you get to be there with your parents. I can't imagine how excited your parents are... and it looks so natural for you and Elise to be roaming around with the goats and such, hehe. I mean that in the best possible way. :)