Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is It Spring Yet?

Baby Swiss chard

I love spring! I love all of the new life. That fresh green color is everywhere. People are emerging from their homes to enjoy the warm sunshine after hibernating all winter. Seeds are being planted and starting to grow. The daffodils have come and the tulips are coming. The Season of Lent is upon us as we look forward to Easter and celebrating the resurrected Jesus. Babies are growing. Trees are blooming and budding. I just love it!

This is the seed starting area of our house that Dane rigged up for me. Screw some hooks into the window sill, set a little wire rack in the window and secure it with a bungee cord, and wire up a florescent light and voila! There you have it!

Tomato seedlings under the florescent light

Brand spankin' new pepper seedlings

Just in case you're bored of all the dirt pictures, here is Dane showing off his new bee suit and Hyssop plant that he won at our local Beekeepers Association meeting. I think it's very flattering for his figure. We'll hopefully have the bees to go along with the suit soon.

And of course we can't have a post without a little Elise in it. This is one of my favorite ways to carry Elise. She falls asleep without fail every time I put her in this wrap. She loves it!


  1. We got our hive this week. Bees come on the 20th!
    Love you Melissa

  2. What a GOOD post! Seriously. Best part? the bee suit. And the baby. And your beautifulness with that baby all wrapped up against you. Ok, all of it was beautiful!

    And what a great idea with the seed starting window! We could do this (next year) with our laundry room window. This gave me great ideas, because I've previously thought we just didn't have the space to do our own heated seed-starting. I could be wrong!

    Love to you, Michelle & Dane. Have with with the Kizzees this weekend!