Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2 Months!

Here's our little Chunky Monkey

She weighed 12 pounds and 14 ounces at her doctor's visit today

Are babies supposed to gain almost a pound a week?:)

Isn't she sweet?

Tonight we're going to try sleeping her in her own room for the first time. I may have a more difficult time with that than Elise!

Elise is such a joy to Dane and me. She is a really sweet baby. Yesterday and today I had to wake her up out of a deep sleep to go somewhere and as soon as she opens her eyes she is all smiles and coos!

We're not without our difficult times. She had trouble getting to sleep last night. One of her eyes was red and swollen and we think that may have been bothering her. I walked her for 25 minutes and thought she was asleep, but she woke up and started wailing as soon as I laid her down. Dane took over and worked his magic and she finally really fell asleep. Her eye was better this morning.

Well, we're off to get supplies to build our chicken coop!


  1. Thank you for the pictures of the "chunky monkey" :)

  2. Aw, I called Dawson "Chunky Monkey"...and now he is a skinny little guy! His 2 month pictures remind me a lot of this! : )

    She is so gorgeous, Michelle!