Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Elise and I are sitting on the front porch enjoying some beautiful weather. She's been having some stomach upset the past couple of days, so it's really good to see her sleeping peacefully. Dane's sisters were making fun of me on Sunday about how excited I was getting about Elise's bowel movements. But when your baby is in pain because her stomach hurts anything that comes out is wonderful and exciting.

She turned 6 weeks this past Saturday and seems to be changing right before my eyes. This past week she's really turned on the charm with her smiles. She is also proving predictable with the classic goo goo, gaa gaa. I didn't know that babies actually said that specifically, but she does. She smiles and coos the most when she's naked. In the past two days she has discovered that her fist is a wonderful thing to suck on and can bring her fist to her mouth. Before she would occasionally suck on her fist, but it was only when she was flailing around and her fist accidentally flailed into contact with her mouth. She is getting chubby! I keep saying that she grows at least one new roll everyday.

I'm getting used to this role of staying at home with Elise. I've decided that a weekly schedule doesn't work, but a weekly to-do list does. Elise isn't exactly what I would call predictable, so trying to stick to a schedule is just frustrating but reaching certain goals each week is doable. I'm loving the new role (and roll)...


  1. She IS really changing...such a cutie! So glad you're enjoying your Mommy time.....some of my most favorite memories were those days of being home and just being a wife and mommy! The days pass all too quickly...enjoy every moment! Love you and thanks for posting!

  2. I agree with Aunt Trudy. Being a mom is the best! I enjoyed you guys sooooo much! I am so happy for you and Dane. You are so blessed to have your sweet Elise! Can't wait to get my hands on her again!! Love you all!

  3. Nothing makes you light up like Elise's bowels! Hope her tummy is improving more and more. I can definitely see you enjoying your role. You're a natural!