Thursday, February 9, 2012

Almost 1 month old!

I'm still amazed that Elise is our daughter, on loan from God. She is teaching us a lot. Things like any more than 2 hours of sleep at a time is not necessary for a mother to survive. That is true, but she's also more importantly teaching us about love and patience. I can't imagine loving another little baby more. At this point in her life there are only certain ways that she can feel loved. Feed her, hold her, feed her, talk to her, feed her, stare at her, feed her, keep her warm and dry, and feed her. She does eat a lot. I know I'm sounding a little sarcastic, but I actually love breastfeeding. It is really a special way God designed our bodies to provide for and take care of our children.

Developmentally she is growing! I weighed and measured her yesterday. 9 pounds 9.6 ounces and 21 1/4 inches long. She is getting some pudgy rolls where there were none before. She is tracking us with her eyes more and more. She holds her head up when she wants to. Last night I had a dream that she sat up on her own. She's not really smiling yet except when she is really sleepy, but it's still so cute. She grunts and strains a lot although she isn't constipated. Apparently this is normal for newborns and it will pass with time as she gets a bit more used to her bowels and gas. She has some baby acne. When she's falling asleep she coos and makes a purring noise. She's finding her voice more everyday. In the mornings and in the evenings she has a spurt of energy when she is wide awake and loves kicking and punching the air Sometimes this hyper alertness results in some fussiness in the evenings. She is precious!
3 weeks and 5 days


  1. Yeah! Thanks for posting....what a wonderful way for us to see what's happening in Elise's life. She is precious!

  2. Grammy loves those chubby little cheeks!Sweet girl!

  3. Today, she is 1 month old! Hard to believe! The past month has been better since she is in our lives. :) I love you, Elise.