Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to everyone! It has been a good Advent Season. We are awaiting many things...the celebration of Jesus' birth, the coming of our own little one, and ultimately the second coming of Jesus when all will be made right!

We enjoyed a last little road trip (before we are three) to Memphis last weekend and got to see some of our best friends. The Pates Family Singers, featuring Matthew Clark, put on their second annual Advent House Concert and we got to go again! How many years in a row do you have to do something before it becomes a tradition? This just may be a tradition for us. It's a perfect way to celebrate the season with others.

Abbye and Matthew on the guitars and Jeff on the drums

We were inspired once again by the Christ Community Church (or network of house churches) in the Binghampton neighborhood of Memphis. The church(es) is/are doing so much of what Jesus wants us to do. Loving our neighbor as ourselves, caring for the poor, being a witness to the nations, etc. We long to see that in our neighborhood in Nashville.

My body continues to grow with this baby inside. When I look at this picture Dane took, I don't feel that big, but I don't think the picture is lying! We're as prepared as we can be for labor to start any day now. The birthing kit is ready and I suppose my body and the midwives will know what do when the time comes. I think I've prepared as much as I possibly can for something I've never experienced.

37 weeks and 2 days

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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