Friday, December 30, 2011

Belly Central

Miriam came over today and wanted to take some belly shots. It really is amazing to see how big I've grown. I have nothing to compare this baby to, but it seems to me that the little Forlines is very active. Parts of my belly are constantly roaming around.

I am 38 weeks and 1 day today. So I'm expecting to feel some labor pains at any point in time even though it could still be 4 weeks away. (I hope it's sooner than that)

I'm seeing the Midwives every Monday now. The plan is to have Dane, Miriam, and the two midwives at the house for the birth.

If you ask us if we're ready, we'll say no. We have no idea what this parenting thing is going to be like, or what Baby Forlines will be like. So for now, we just pray for grace.

He who does not mind his belly, will hardly mind anything else. -Samuel Johnson


  1. Love the pictures! I just sent you an email. Love you!

  2. These are so so so beautiful!! Especially the last shot with the lace/doily (??) we love you and I am so excited to come hold your new little one someday every sooooooon!!! Love to you and Dane. And many prayers.

  3. Maybe I can come to the midwife appointment on Monday evening. Will you call me though. Love the pictures! :) Your belly does look massive on your small frame.

  4. Dane, thank you for not letting Michelle and your child fall off a cliff on your hike. :) Michelle, I have enjoyed watching you progress throughout your pregancy in pics as well as in person. You guys will be wonderful parents! Love them and lead them by example. God bless your little family! Love ya bunches! Mom

  5. Beautiful! Hoping I look as good when my time comes. One day in the future, nobody get excited. :)