Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Food

Since we've been married, we have alternated years spending Christmas with each of our families. This year, it's off to the coast of North Carolina for Christmas at the Haas House.

Food usually plays a prominent role around the holidays, and for us, 'tis no exception. The nature of our food, however, can get a bit extraordinary. For starters, take a look at the cute little goat below with the pretty eyes - since our full stomachs are worn off, the photo is the only remaining evidence that this Christmas goat ever existed.

French heritage can be found often in the Haas family, as evidenced by our night of galettes, crepes, and, thanks to Joseph, chef extraordinaire, delicious creme brulee.

From France we traveled to Italy (only culinarily), where our chef prepared homemade pasta alfredo . . . scratch factor - 8.5!

To work off all the poundage, we enjoyed a Christmas day hike through the woods, and a few days later, a stroll through quaint downtown Washington, NC.

Peaceful chapel in Washington

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