Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The last couple months have been a new kind of journey for us. We found out we were pregnant in mid November. It was new and exciting, maybe a bit scary to think about, but overall we were very happy and thankful. It was fun telling family and friends, looking for maternity clothes at thrift stores, reading about the baby's development, and much more.

A couple of weeks ago we had a miscarriage at about 9 weeks. We were semi-prepared for it due to some issues with the pregnancy that made us worried that a miscarriage could happen. Despite being semi prepared, some of our hopes and dreams died with the baby. It was sad for us. We know that God is still omnipotent in our lives. God is still good. We hope and pray for another baby sometime in the future, but our first little Forlines baby is in heaven now.

Thank you to the many who have prayed us through this.

Today we did get to experience some new life. While the primary farmer is away from Big Oaks farms on a mission trip, Dane and I are in charge of the farming duties. Today we went on a bike ride and when we returned home Dane saw one of the goats in an odd position. Dane thought the goat was having some difficulty with a bowel movement and didn't think anything of it. About 30 minutes later I (Michelle) went out to check on the animals and give them some lunch. I noticed a little bundle of joy on the ground beside the black Mama goat. We knew that she was pregnant, but Dad didn't think she was due for a while. Mildly put, I got VERY excited and started yelling for Dane at the top of my lungs. We went out and marveled at the new life.

It was amazing that 1 hour after being born this little cutie was walking, bleating, and knowing exactly where to look for milk on her Mama. We think it's a girl. We are awaiting to see if a descent of the gonads proves us wrong. What a joy to experience this! I told Dane it's going to be 100% more exciting when we have a baby!


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  2. I'll try again. These big fingers don't work too great on this little netbook.

    Thanks for everything. Written from high in the air on my way to Haiti.

    Love, Dad

  3. Exciting and precious baby goat! Colt would love that :-) We love you guys and have been praying and thinking of you.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Forlines. We love you.

  5. Hello Dane and Micnelle...have been praying for you as I know that losing a little one is something you're never totally prepared for. Trusting God's ways and His heart can be a simple comfort for you. The goat pictures are precious. We love you and are praying.
    Aunt Trudy and Uncle Donnie

  6. Cute baby goat...i miss you

  7. The baby goat is cute only until Christmas dinner. :(