Thursday, August 5, 2010

Michelle with the Battle family

Our two years in Memphis was a very fruitful time for both of us. One of our most cherished memories of Bluff City will always be the community of people God blessed us with being a part of. We were excited to see many of them recently while passing through on our way to Nashville.

We are currently reading Wisdom of Stability, a book about the value in rooting one's family in a particular place for the long term. Jubilee as described in scripture seems to work only when people find the wisdom of stability . . . for one thing, the duration of time (50 years) between each Jubilee presumes longevity. But more than that, the attitude expected of people toward their neighbors is more realistic when people are a part of an established community rooted in a place.

Although we do believe in the power of place identity, and are praying God will direct us to our place, our present Jubilee journey is teaching us the connection people can have to one another through Christ's love. The power that sustains the laws of the universe is deep enough to unite young and old, rich and poor, introverts and extroverts, Free Will Baptists and Presbyterians.

We all know there are forces vying to tear the body apart. We must rely on the power of the One who has claimed victory over everything, to give us the strength to overcome selfishness and hyper-individualism for the demonstration of His love to all.

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  1. Hello This is Samuel;
    Did you look at the brochure?
    Or do we have to wait till the end of your jubilee?