Saturday, August 21, 2010

City Church of East Nashville pastor Craig Brown once said, "you haven't experienced real community with others until you have annoyed the stew out of each other."

I suppose we always thought of the Jubilee as being exclusively a joyful time - one filled with quality moments shared with our closest family and friends. Somehow we forgot that life still goes on, even during Jubilee, and that life this side of heaven is filled with trial, pride, and brokenness. This reminder came during our recent time in Nashville, where real-world responsibilities, strong-willed family members, and automotive difficulties tested our patience and righteousness. But as God has a tendency to do, He used our weaknesses to teach us about His strength, and we've gained a greater appreciation for His long-suffering and, ultimately, the promise of eternal perfection through the blood of His son, Jesus.

Lest we give the impression that our time in Nashville was completely miserable, it wasn't. As a matter of fact, overall our time was quite encouraging and enjoyable.

We visited with like-minded FWBs wanting to plunge completely into the gospel-starved bowels of inner-city Nashville, celebrated the beginning of the 23rd year of one sibling and the 27th year of another, experienced the cooling refreshment of Kingfisher Branch Creek, defied death-by-speeding-roller-racer, and pushed the limits of Farkel fun.

Although our issues associated with automotive dysfunction remained unresolved, we have ventured out from Nashville for a 6-week exploration of the exotic lands of the Carolinas.

Downhill Roller-Racer

Hangin' out at Kingfisher Branch Creek

A few Forlines men

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  1. Hope I wasn't one of the strong-willed family members...if i find out i was, i'll mess up your truck... Just farkelin'! Love y'all. Bek