Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We're remembering . . .

There is probably not another state in whose residents have more of a state identity than Texas. From moving over to the shoulder to allow others to pass, to headin' on down to the rodeo on Saturday night to see children as young as 7 years old compete in various equestrian events, the many local customs give Texas the feel of an exotic locale.

But like any culture, Texas denizens comprise myriad lifestyles. We've enjoyed the unique experience of visiting both the Texas oil man among the pumpjack riddled plains of Midland, and the rancher/farmer, at home in the wide-open spaces near San Antonio. From them, we've learned the art of siphoning Texas Tea from the depths of the Permian Basin, and the rather messy business of long-distance animal husbandry.

The Mondays - oil family

Cousin Darin (Jody the photographer), Caily, and Lexi

Our time in Texas has been sweet crude, I mean sweet, and now our sights are set on the alluring brilliance of the eager diamonds of southwest Arkansas. And maybe along the way we'll see that magical-sounding land of Texarkana.


  1. I am really diggin' your haircut!!! (and keep your eyes open for a letter when you arrive in Nashvilla... :)

  2. If ever I've loved reading a blog post...

  3. Did Dane write this? No offense, but I am certain Michelle's vocabulary is much less refined... Love you guys!