Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh Carolina

We kicked off our Jubilee year with a vacation. Road trip with Miriam and Adam to the Carolinas. We camped out our first night, lulled to sleep by the sound of sawing logs. We did not have a roaring campfire, but were able to produce enough heat from burning pine needles and twigs (the wood was all a bit too damp) to cook some breakfast.

walk after breakfast

We headed for Pawley's Island to visit cousin Daniel and Renee. On the way we stopped in Gatlinburg for lunch because I had never been there. It's a cute little place. We watched salt water taffy being made and Adam treated us all to a sample. Dane stole a quarter from a wishing well to add to our Jubilee Jar (shame, shame) and got his sleeve wet in the process. Serves him right! I wanted to take the scenic route the rest of the way. I was just so tired that I didn't get to enjoy it much. Thanks for driving the windy roads Adam!

Dane and the wishing well

The beaches in Pawley's Island were beautiful. At Huntington Beach State Park we saw some real live alligators. No one was harmed in the process. Renee cooked up some yummy shrimp and grits for a real southern experience. We were introduced to singer Phillys Tanner-Frye at the greatest little art/music/coffee shop situated in an old house. Daniel loves the history of his "place" on this earth and shared stories and sights from Pawley's Island with us. It was a fun time.


On the way to NC, we stopped off for supper at Aunt Trudy and Uncle Donnie's house and got to visit with them and cousin David and his son, Colt. We spent a night with Grandma and Grandpa Haas and then went to my cousin Jennifer's beautiful wedding. Then, we drove all night just to get home by Sunday for ETEAM.

David, Uncle Donnie, Colt, Aunt Trudy, Dane and Michelle, Miriam and Adam, Renee and Daniel and Bella hiding in the background.

Jennifer the bride and Miriam

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