Thursday, April 13, 2017

Little update

I've missed adding quite a few things here on the blog including Justus's birthday in February.  No pictures, but we did have fun celebrating.  Aunt Alicia and Uncle Haroldo were here to help us celebrate.  The most notable thing to Justus was getting Thunder Cake for his birthday.  He is three!  He is a funny guy with a big imagination.  He loves wrestling, books, being a scary monster, singing and dancing (more like rhythmic stomping), being loud, being tickled, riding his balance bike, getting dirty, playing any kind of ball, pretending, being a working-man, etc.  He's very deliberate in his speech, but has a few really cute words.  For girl, he says girlu.  For ambulance, he says ambliance.  He's in that stage of knowing a lot of big new words that he's trying out but doesn't quite know how to use them correctly.  It makes for some fun conversations.

Here are a few pictures that I've taken over the past couple of months.  I need to pull out the camera more often, but here's what I've got...

The kids enjoying some hot chocolate

Naomi representin' our neighborhood

He likes mud!

He likes his Daddy!

Somehow taking all of the clothes out of the drawer and burying Naomi in them seemed like a good idea

Playing in packing peanuts...done with permission!

Getting big, pulling up, so sweet!

Some of Elise's original artwork

More of Elise's original artwork...this made me laugh!

It's warming up.  Playing in the sprinkler the other day.
The old house that we're rehabbing is coming along.  I'll try to do a picture update of that soon.

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