Saturday, January 21, 2017

Thankgiving and Beyond

Thanksgiving was at a lake house in Kentucky with Dane's entire extended family.  Canoe rides, Settlers of Catan games, cousin fun, good food and singing all happened.  Oh and we can't forget Dane's annual weird shave of the year.

An Andrew Peterson concert at the beginning of December was a good start for the Christmas season.  Thank you Alicia!

Visits with friends and family throughout the month of December.  These are the ones we have pictures of...but we saw Uncle Mark too.

Christmas in Missouri with Pappaw.

We rang in the new year soundly asleep.

Then a stomach bug hit our house:/  This is Dane and Elise after a rough night.  You wouldn't think it from Elise's smile.  I think she was happy for a sick day to watch movies.

Snow day!

Three Kings Day.  Elise found the king in her piece of cake, but she let Naomi wear the crown too!

Then our annual MLKJ Day weekend cabin trip with just the family this year.  We celebrated Elise's birthday while we were there with a special breakfast, a hike, and some s'mores cake.  We loved the wood burning fire place and Justus was great at helping clean it out.

That rounded out our celebrating for the season and we're ready to settle into a bit of normal!

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