Thursday, February 25, 2016

He's 2!

And all he talks about when it comes to his birthday is eating cake.  When he's excited about something he gets this low airy voice, smile and wide eyes.  "Justus what do you want to do for your birthday?" and he responds in his excited little way "eeeeat caaake."  He sometimes includes "choooocate."  That would be chocolate in Justus language.

I really think that 18 month to 2 1/2 year phase is so fun and precious.  He's getting independent, talking and communicating more, imagining, coming out with this fun and silly personality, and I just want to squeeze him and tickle him and cuddle him all the time...and he's still ok with that.  Most of the time:)

We love our Justus (aka Jus Bus, Bus, Juster Buster).

Here are his current stats

Height: 2 ft 9 in
Weight: 28 lbs
Loves: trucks (all kinds), balls, swinging, reading, "helping" (to sweep, rake, shovel and wash dishes), going to Bible study, singing, dancing, drumming, life

We had a fun day for his birthday.  We took him to the fire museum this morning.  I forgot to take the camera and missed out on getting a picture of him in a kid-sized fire hat and coat.  He looked adorable!

And he did get some chocolate cake after supper!

He spotted the cake beforehand and pulled up a stool to get a closer look

Birthday picture with his unusually stylish sister

Loves his "new" tricycle"

Elise helped make the cake

Card and gift from Elise...all on her own sweet!

"Let me help you!"

"What is it?"

One of his cars out of the toy box!  He loved it!


  1. Look at you!!!!-- getting his birthday post done on his birthday! Looks like you guys had fun. love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTUS!!

    love- Uncle Adam, Aunt Miriam, and Eli

  2. Love these pics! Justus climbing up to get a look at his cake; Elise wearing the cake batter then changing into her party clothes☺; Justus' joy at receiving his own car for his birthday! So sweet! Love these kids!!!