Friday, April 5, 2013

A Few Pictures and an Update

Elise's first bubble bath

Hanging out with cousin Lillian

She uses the pot occasionally!

What a lot has happened since last time I wrote.

Dane had two weeks off and we left Elise in the loving and capable hands of her Aunt Mimi and Gran and went on vacation by ourselves.  I did a test run a couple of weeks before we left and she stayed two different nights away from home.  It was the first time I had ever been away from her overnight and we both handled it ok! 

So we left Elise behind and went on our first ever cruise with stops in Mexico, Belize and Honduras.  We spent one night in New Orleans before we sailed and love that city!  Our vacation was beautiful and warm and we had lots fun together making some new memories.

Beautiful old cemetery in NOLA
Altun Ha Mayan site
Our favorite vacation day in Roatan, Honduras
Our cabin on the ship
We hiked through the jungle for this view

After eight days we returned to cold Nashville weather, but to a sweet little girl with a sunny disposition.  Elise just stared at us for about 10 seconds when we first walked in.  I think she was trying to figure out how these people could up and leave her and then show back up like nothing happened.  After staring at us for a while she just started giggling.

We both thought she had grown up a lot in just 8 days time.  She even looked different, older and wiser. She was saying words by the time we got home.  And now, a couple of weeks later her vocabulary is even bigger, which includes making animal noises.

Easter egg hunt!
Cute Easter dress that a friend previously made for her daughter

Easter has come and gone and with that joyful celebration came a broken leg.  Elise's little leg:(  I thought that we would have to come up with creative ways to keep her entertained since she would be more immobile, but that girl maybe slowed down for 24 hours.  She figured out how to get around with her little cast and is back at it full force.  Even walking with support.

Doing great with a cast
Today is finally warm in Nashville and we're going to pick up a couple of little chicks and enjoy some outside time!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I wish we had this when you guys were growing up! I don't feel like I miss out on so much! Glad you had a good time on your cruise! Love ya bunches!!!

  2. Michelle, I'm so proud of you for trusting and loving each other enough to go and enjoy each other. You've spent a good year + nurturing and loving and building trust in those critical trust-building months - and then you left her in loving, trustworthy hands.

    So glad it was joyful and good. I know you missed your little girl, but absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

  3. A little tardy for the party, but I'm just now catching up on the blog. Some of my fave pics so far! And not just because Lillian is in one. ;) The bubble bath pic is sooo adorable, the pot is hilarious, and that view on vacay-- wow! I would even hike to see that! :)